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Submission Information

Deadlines for Article Submission for 2018

  • March 23rd for April issue – “Beauty of Spring”
  • July 16th for August issue – “Growing Gardeners”
  • November 23rd for December issue – “Gardening Technology”

Send articles about your chapter, event, etc. in an email or as an attachment in Word, PowerPoint or Publisher format to:

  • If you have any events you wish to have included, such as plant sales, speaker event, etc., please send to the email above with these details:
    • Host Chapter
    • Name of Event
    • Date, Time, Location Address
    • Short description of event
    • Contact Information (phone, website, email, etc.)
  • Articles about your chapter with a picture or two.
  • Have you read an interesting book you might want to share in a review?
  • An article relating to the given theme or a personal gardening experience you may want to share.
  • An article in your chapter newsletter that may be of interest to other MG’s across the state.
  • Is there an expert of sorts in your chapter, i.e. on insects, specific plants, etc. that might contribute an article – please let me know who they are and their contact information so that I can get in touch with them.
  • Is there a specific topic or theme you may want to explore?
  • I’m open to suggestions!!!