Advocacy is an OMGA Goal for the 2023 Legislative Session

Got staff/faculty support?

Faculty and staff support are integral to a thriving MG Program. Do not assume they will always be there. Five counties – Benton, Clatsop, Douglas, Linn, & Tillamook – did not have faculty/staff support in 2022.

Master Gardeners must speak for funding MG Program positions – to OSU administrators, county officials, and state legislators who decide how well MG Programs are funded.

Act Now!!! The Oregon Legislature is currently writing the 2023-2025 Budget

Ask your State of Oregon Senator & Representative to support OSU Statewide Public Service Programs at $206M.

MG Program funding is part of this package.

  • Tell them about your love for gardening and educating the public.
  • Share stories about how your service makes your community a better place!
  • Act now when the Oregon Legislature is making budget decisions!

This Toolkit Makes Advocacy Easy

Resources prepared for you:

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