Climate change statement: Gail Langellotto: Statewide Coordinator, Oregon State University Extension Master Gardener Program

I wanted to send a quick response to note that OSU is committed to science in our teaching, research, and science. Accordingly, OSU has a climate science option for earth sciences undergraduates, OSU houses the Oregon Climate Change Research Institute, we have an open access course that anyone can take on climate change awareness, OSU Extension houses many resources related to climate change, many OSU Extension volunteers participate in phenology and climate-related citizen science projects (to help track how climates are changing in our area).

From an OSU perspective, the data overwhelmingly supports the notion that the climate is changing, and that this change is accelerating. OSU scientists study climate change impacts on farms and forests, and OSU Extension professionals help extend the latest science to land managers, so that they can best prepare for production in a changing climate. We have hosted speakers on climate change at Mini-College. Most recently, Phil Mote, former director of the Oregon Climate Change Research Institute gave the keynote address at the 2018 Mini-College. I have taught climate change for gardeners at Master Gardener Association conferences and seminars. In my undergraduate and graduate courses at OSU, we analyze how global climate change might promote pest problems or irrigation access, with an eye on how to best prepare to grow food and other crops, in a changing climate.