Executive Committee

OMGA Elected Members


President – Eric Bosler (Central Gorge)

MG since 2009, joined the Central Gorge group during construction of their home in White Salmon. Past experience in agri-business and interaction with Extension created an appreciation of the effectiveness of the mission that the MG Program facilitates – combining a love of gardening and strong commitment to community outreach and education. He has served as Chapter President, State Rep., and chairs the OMGA Extension Educator Grant Committee. His goal is to further OMGA’s commitment to assisting the local chapters in their horticultural outreach.

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President-Elect – Chris Rusch (Douglas County)



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Past President – Sue Nesbitt (Yamhill County)

Sue became a Yamhill County Master Gardener in 2012 along with her husband. She is especially interested in the care of roses, the propagation of perennials and trying to resolve “thorny”  issues at plant clinics. She has been both the alternate and OMGA representative from Yamhill County and is retired from the University of Connecticut.

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1st Vice President – Vacant



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2nd Vice President – Julie Huynh (Lincoln County)



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Treasurer – Patrice Sipos (Douglas County)



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Secretary – Marcille Ansorge (Tillamook County)

A previous resident of the Midwest where she had been a MG for several years, moved to Tillamook in 2012 and soon learned that she was gardening in a different climate and so completed the MG training in 2013.  Enjoys the challenges of gardening with rainy winters, dry summers and large wildlife, interspersed with walks on the beach and in the forests nearby.

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OMGA Appointed Positions / Board Members


Historian – Barbara Davidson (Jackson County)

Former OMGA Secretary. She taught high school English for 30 years, retiring in 2000.  Then she became a CASA volunteer.  In 2004, Barbara took the MG program and still feels passionate about that experience today.

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Gardener’s Pen Editor – Marcia Sherry (Yamhill County)

Marcia became a Master Gardener in 2000 in Cincinnati, OH; recertified in Salt Lake City in 2004; and then again in Oregon in 2008  in Yamhill County. Served as YCMGA president for three years.  She is a retired architect and stained glass enthusiast.

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Database Manager – Seamus Ramirez (Clackamas County)

Seamus became a Clackamas County MG in 2011 and was chapter treasurer, alternate representative and OMGA representative. His current goal is to improve contact within the chapters and further develop ways in which non-”I-5 corridor” chapters can be facilitated. He does not have a favorite plant for he finds beauty in each one.

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OMGA Appointed Members


Audit Committee Chair – Vacant – Job Description

Finance Committee – Vacant – Job Description

Send-A-Friend – Vacant – Job Description

McNeilan Scholar – Vacant – Job Description

Karl Carlson Memorial Fund – Barbara Casteel (Tillamook County)

Extension Educator Grant – Jeanine Johnson, (Central Oregon) – Job Description

Marje Luce Search for Excellence – Chris Rusch (Douglas County)

Silent Auction – Sue Nesbitt, (Yamhill County)

Longevity Recognitions – Marcia Sherry (Yamhill County)


Webmaster – Jim Parks

While Jim himself isn’t a master gardener, both his wife and father-in-law have been active members from Marion County for many years. If he isn’t working or building websites he can be found on a golf course nearby.

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