OMGA Retreat 2020 Goals and Actions
The following outlines the results of the brainstorming session held at the OMGA Retreat on 12/03/2019. The topics were “prioritized” as noted. It should be noted that there are several ongoing Goals and Actions which are carryover priorities. A primary example of this is OMGA Mini-College.

Priority One:
Advocate for Extension in general and the Master Gardener Program specifically. In face of shrinking staffing and funding for OSU Extension and particularly for the Master Gardener program on campus and at the chapter level around the state OMGA should develop and initiate a program to actively pursue the University leadership and decision makers to reverse the long term trend of eroding support for the Master Gardener program

Priority Two:
OMGA should continue its financial support for “Educational Content.” Resources that can be used throughout the Master Gardener Program to further our mission of
educational outreach. The MG Webinar Series and the Electronic Client Contact Program (ECCo) are examples of programs to receive continued support. Identification of available educational materials/information should be undertaken and links for accessing these provided to the Chapters. OMGA’s Educational Forums (formerly Leadership) should continue to identify topics and provide programs in the same vein.

Priority Three:
Identify and recruit people to take on the tasks/jobs that need to be done now and in the future. “Mine the Mine” Inventory the skill/interest of MGs. Survey electronic format.

Priority Four:
Form a working committee to continue developing a better understanding of our “legal” standing. How the State of Oregon sees OMGA and the individual Chapters.
What’s the specifics of OSU, OMGA, Chapter with regard to liability insurance and are there options for coverage from and at each level. Risk assessment for the individual, Chapter, OMGA.

Priority Five:
Search out ways to enhance membership retention/diversity.

OMGA Mini-College:
Plan and conduct OMGA Mini-College 2020 “GPS”
Establish a standing committee to produce OMGA Mini-College on a semi-annual basis.

Model – Mentorship
Develop a more “Welcoming Attitude.”

Non-Prioritized Goals and Actions:
Reach out to the Chapters and ask; “How can we (OMGA) help.

Continue to expand existing and search out new avenues of communication.
Refine and better utilize OMGA’s website.
Expand access to MG’s via email (possibly develop an Opt-in email program)
Expand and better use Social Media